The Motor Club of Pakistan is a registered platform for all Motoring enthusiasts, including Exquisite, Classic, Special interest, Recreated or Innovative Automobiles, three wheelers or Motorcycles.

Logistically an entity of Team-NAYYER Group www.teamnayyer.com , it is designed to be Pakistan’s premier Automobile Club, which will cater to all motoring enthusiasts of Pakistan and beyond. We do not discriminate.

Our minimal annual membership fees of Rs.6000 (500 per month for 1 year) qualifies you to become member of the Motor Club of Pakistan and allows you to be a part of a organized platform for thrilling domestic and international rallies for motorcycles, Cars and SUV’s, Club Events, Motor Shows and much more.

Other than that, regular Auto meets showcasing all kinds of Cars, Motorcycles and SUV’s, controlled racing, Go-karting. Motorised Gliding (Para Gliding) and various other Motorsport related entertainment to families and individuals are an integral part of the club.

The Club’s own magazine, The ‘Motor’ will highlight club activities, rallies, shows, events etc and interviews with members, both young and old.

We will also undertake professional restoration, fabrication and upgrading of members cars as per their requirements.

Moreover,the Club’s Exquisite ‘Café V8’(Registered) will soon open to be a popular hangout for members and their Cars in a special Motor ambiance.

Be exquisite, be a part of The Motor Club of Pakistan.