Drive to Turkey

The Motor Club of Pakistan is a registered platform for all Motoring enthusiasts, including Exquisite, Classic, Special interest, Recreated or Innovative Automobiles, and Motorcycles.
Logistically an entity of Team-NAYYER Group it is designed to be Pakistan’s premier Automobile Club, catering to all motoring enthusiasts of Pakistan and beyond.

This year, mid-September 2015, the Motor Club of Pakistan is taking out a special cross country drive on a scenic route spanned across two very beautiful countries, our Muslim brethren, Iran and Turkey. This will be a 5000 kilometers long and memorable motoring journey, sightseeing of picturesque and historic locations, areas of influence during Silk Route, Persian gardens, lakes, mountains, hilly areas of Turkey and finally the historic city of Istanbul, reminiscent of the Ottoman Empire.

15 exquisite cars, including but not limited to, a 1963 Mini 850 Mk1, a 1965 Mercedes-Benz 190, a 1972 Jaguar XJ-6, in the modern lineup, a 1987 Mercedes-Benz W124, a 2006 Chevrolet Silverado SS, 2012 Toyota Hilux 2012 Vigo Champ, since Motor Club of Pakistan is not just covering classic cars but modern exquisite ones as well.

The driver briefing will be held on 12th September 2015, and the journey will start on 15th of September, amid moderate weather, from Karachi, and the first stop will be Quetta, from Quetta we will go across Iran to Turkey visiting these Iranian cities and locations, Zahedan, Bam, Yazd, Sayeh, Tehran, Tabriz, from Tabriz we will reach the Turkish cities of Erzuram/Askale, Gerede, and finally our destination, Istanbul on Tuesday, 22 September, 2015.